Choose a Look


Usually for anyone in customer service or sales

  • Bright

  • Natural light/outside or back-lit

  • Colorful

  • Approachable & Friendly

Business Casual​

Great choice for entrepreneurs and business casual industries

  • Suit without tie + dress shirt

  • Sport coat

  • For women skirt or pants with a blouse

  • Neutral background

  • In-studio or outside

Business Formal

Mainly for careers including lawyers. wealth management, and banking

  • Full suit and tie

  • In-studio or outside

  • Conservative

  • Bold Statement

Outfit Tips & Tricks

  • Feel free to look around our website to see if anyone is wearing something that matches your style

  • For Gentlemen, a dark suit/sport coat attracts the eye better with the added contrast between clothing and skin tones

  • For Ladies, V-neck/scoop neck shirts elongate the body

  • Be sure to bring the slimmest fitting clothing, helping to define your shape

  • Optional to bring in pants/slacks/skirts that may be seen in the photos

  • Jewelry and watches are optional as well, its important they aren't too bulky or distracting

  • Don't have the perfect jacket? Go buy it and return it after the shoot!

Professional Makeup

If you booked professional makeup, please come in with a clean moisturized face​. Style your hair how you would normally (example: blow dried, curled, straightened, spiked, slicked) and our makeup artist will make it camera ready and add the finishing touches.